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HOA Board Begins To Self Manage Association

September 20, 2018 | Gary Pierce

On December 1, 2018 the Board of the Sterling Green of Portage County Homeowners Association will begin to self manage our HOA.  In September, the Board gave notice to Grace Property Services that the Board wanted to exercise a right to end our management agreement with them early.  The contract was set to expire December 2019.

This decision was made because of the financial situation of the HOA.  The Board refuses to raise our rates.  Last year, Grace Property Services raised their rates from $7 per house per month to $8 per house per month.  The management fee from Grace Property Services is the biggest single expense line in the association budget.  The increase from last year was absorbed in the current budget without a raise to the homeowners.  This along with a major expense associated with the neighborhood sign has drained the HOA reserve account.  In September, the homeowners voted to reject fully funding our reserve account.


What Does This Mean For The Homeowner?

  1. HOA Dues Will Remain $210 for 2019.  The dues will continue to cover the expenses of the association.  The savings from not having the management fee will allow the Board to build up the reserve account.  Major expenses of the HOA are lawn care and pond maintenance.  The Board projects to lower annual dues in 2020.
  2. Check Payments Will Be Sent To Different Address.  Your 2019 HOA dues will be mailed or dropped off to:Sterling Green HOA
    c/o Gary Pierce, Treasurer
    4223 Whitestone Rd
    Kent, OH 44240
  3. Credit Card Payments Are Now Available With No Additional Fee.  In the past, Grace Property Service would add an additional fee for credit card payments.  Now that the association is self managed by the board, the credit card processing fee has been built into the budget.
  4. Contact The Board For Issues & Questions.  Use the Contact HOA page to contact us to report an issue or ask a question.